Bjarke´s Garden

Come and do some Forest Bathing at Desempenho

Bjarke Rink continues to inspire us at the Desemepnho Farm. On September 22nd we started a project in his memory, called Jardim Bjarke Rink. A project of the nstituto Homo-Caballus, founded by Bjarke.The vision is to strenghten the connection between man and nature. It is a space to site and feel, to take a bath of nature, to listen to the birds and the wind in the leaves, to watch the mares drinking water, to meditate, to do yoga or just watch nature. It is where you can feel a "sense of place" and the "spirit" of Desempeno. It is close to Bjarke´s and Mara´s home and whre the founding mares of Desempenho have been put to rest. The matriarch, Andorinha ,..her daughter Conquista and granddaughter Origem. We are planting trees, orchids and bromeliads, which are donated by the Desempenho family. The Sun Trail was opened this June and we will be adding new connecting trails which will take you to more places for contemplation. Several of the supporters of Instituto Homo-Caballus have donated benches and we are also starting to organize yoga sessions.



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