Save your Dates


We are in the second half of 2019 already

Our July Horse Camp ends on July 31st  If you couldn´t make it this time or would like to go again there will be opportunities at long weekends and, of course, at the end of the year. 

We have just organized two clinics. One jumping clinic and one Mounted Archery Clinic with Lukas Novotny. Lukas refined and refreshed the skills of our instructors and archers. We also made two short videos about this exciting sport. Better stil, come to Desempenho and try it out. 

Our showjumping team, champions of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FEERJ)  in 2018, is going strong in 2019 as well. Two young members o the team entered the selection to represent FEERJ for the National Championships in Joinville, SC and came back with excellent results. And on August 10th, come and see our team in action, when Desempenho will be host to the V Stage of the FEERJ ranking. 

Bjarke´s Garden, is commemorating 1 year in August and is growing and flowering. We have also implemented our Trail of the Sun, which can be done on foot, bike or horse.

Please check our  Calendário, for the latest upcoming events


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