Save your Dates


2022 is here!


Our 2022 calendar is online with the key dates of holiday camps, team training, competitions and clinics.


Every weekend, apart from being with the horses and riding lessons, you can go out and discover nature at Desempenho Farm and in and around Cachoeiras de Macacu. We are now marking the trails in the forest reserve of the farm. On the  Trilha do Sol and the new Trilha dos Mirantes,  there are some magnificent views of the Serra do Mar, the Macacu River Valley and the Faraó


If visiting Cachoeiras de Macacu, we recommend a visit to REGUA  , the  Parque Estadual de Três Picos and the Parque Ecológica Mico Leão Dourado


As the pandemic is not over , we continue with health protocols to reduce the risk of contagion.  Please check them here



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