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Bjarke Rink shows you how the Homo-Caballus partnership changed the world Would there still have been horses, if humans had not discovered how to ride them.  And what would our civilization have been like if equine speed had not not joined up with human minds? 


The Centaur Legacy is the result of Bjarke Rink´s investigations about the origins of horseriding.  . In Part I, The Catalyst of History, he defends that if the horse had gone extinct like the mammoths, the world would still be at the technological level of the city states of the Middle Ages. There would be no cars, planes or computers.  

In Part II, In Search of the Centaur, he shows, that with horse domestication and the invention of riding man broke the human biological speed barrier and conquered the world at great velocity Without this acceleration of cultural exchange, instigated by the speed of horses, it is difficult to imagine the discovery, let alone the conquest of the Americas. ,

In Parte III, Scientific Odissey, he shows that the neurofisiology of riding is possibly the most complex technology dominated by the human mind. 

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