Our Initiatives

Courses and Interships


iHOCA offers courses and internships for those, who want to gain deeper knowledge of the marvelous world of horses and equestrian culture.

Equestrian Culture Course "The Centaur Legacy"

The objective to this course is to open the "Black Boxes" of horse riding 

We start from three fundamental questions : Why does the horse allow a human to sit and guide? How is it possible to control a horse from a position on its back? How can a human and a horse meld into one galloping being? When the rider learns the answers to these questions  - or rather, truly understands the phenomena that govern the human-horse alignment, his/her riding prowess can evolve much more quickly.


Riding Courses

We offer several types of riding courses, as well the management and welfare of horses.



Using the “working student” system, horse trainers and show riders, riding school managers and instructors have the opportunity to refine their knowledge and learn new methods of managing horses and teaching riding. 

Internships to comply with curricula, professional and prepatory for research, theses have been done with great success by students of veterinary medicine, zootechnics and physical education at Desempenho. We provide pratcial, theoretical and bibliographical support..

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